Emile Stacin
Emile Stacin
"I'm just me, nobody else."
Species Psy-Human
Type Empath
Aura Purple
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 16
Date of Birth May 17th, 1996
Left-Eye Color Hazel
Right-Eye Color* Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7
Weight 134 lbs
Build Medium
Dominant Hand Left
Skin Shade Pale
Home Liberty City
Native Language English
Second Language French
Languages Spoken English, French.
Creator MattShadow
Role-Play Yes



Emile Stacin was born on May 17th, 1996. He had no siblings and was picked on for being too emotional throughout much of his life. His family, sensing his distress, moved to Liberty City in order to start anew. From that point, his life started getting better, and he is no longer picked on in his private school. He has also started taking French, and has learned it at a rapid pace. He also has a few friends, but prefers not to be too social in fear of being picked on again.


Emile is very emotional, and is easily overcome by powerful emotions. He has confessed to being in love, albeit several times to almost random people. He enjoys being around other people, and often travels to the park in order to observe others.


Emile enjoys wearing his hoody, and is never seen without it. He also enjoys the color grey, and his clothing reflects that. He wears jeans most of the time as well. He has been described as cute, but never hot. He also enjoys to keep his hair long, so that it hangs over the front of his head.