Enhancers a a very rare type of Psy-Human. They temporarily increase the Psychic abilities of any close Psy-Humans in the nearby vicinity. Enhancers are a Complimentary type of Psy-Human.


Psy-Humans can look like any different race and people. They don't have any features that sets them apart from normal people except that all Psy-Humans have heterochromia, or that is that both of their eyes are different colors.


Enhancers don't have a main personality type, due to their abilities not actively effecting them. Thus they can be of any personality type.


Enhancers boost the powers of any nearby Psy-Human, allowing them to accomplish powerful tasks. Strong minded Enhancers can temporarily turn off their ability.

All Enhancers can use the Psy-Network.


Enhancers cannot be Enhanced, as this would cause exponential power growth.