Massacre at Allenport
Other Names
The Great Massacre
The Massacre of Allenport
Part of Psy-Human/Hunter Conflict
Location Allenport, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
Side1 Psy-Ops Hunters
Side2 Various Psy-Humans
Important Information
Type Massacre
Planned By Hunters of the Psy-Ops Division
Objective Eliminate all Psy-Humans that were a part of the NewLeaf Project.
Date April 11, 2007
Executed By Psy-Ops Hunters
Casualties Side1 = 1 Injury

Side2 = 52 Psy-Humans

Outcome Hunters massacred all 52 Psy-Humans.

The Massacre at Allenport was an event transpired by the Hunters to lure and kill many Psy-Humans.


As part of the ongoing Hunter/Psy-Human Conflict, the Hunters would stage many different ways and do many different things in order to eliminate Psy-Humans. One of these new ways was to create the NewLeaf Project. They used the NewLeaf Project to lure out many Psy-Humans. In total, 52 out of the 54 Psy-Human members of the project came out to Allenport as per the meeting.


Soon after the Psy-Humans gathered, they realized something was wrong, mostly due to the fact nobody else was in sight. After a few minutes, a single Hunter came out of a building with a shotgun, which caused all the Psy-Humans to attempt to attack, however none of them could use their abilities due to several Negators being nearby. As they were surrounded many tried to run, but were quickly gunned down. While they didn't manage to kill any hunters, they did injure one. Soon all of the Psy-Humans that were part of the NewLeaf Project were exterminated.


After all the Psy-Humans were killed, clean up began. It took several hours to remove the bodies, but they finally finished and no trace of the Massacre can be found. The effects of the Massacre, however, could be felt throughout the Psy-Human community, and every Psy-Human cried that day.

Notable ParticipantsEdit


Carl Sandrez