A Mover is a type of Psy-Human that has the ability to move objects with their minds. They can pick up people and objects of any size, however usually smaller objects are easier. Mover's are generally considered an offensive type of Psy-Human.


Psy-Humans can look like any different race and people. They don't have any features that sets them apart from normal people except that all Psy-Humans have heterochromia, or that is that both of their eyes are different colors.


Movers generally take on a leader kind of persona, and usually see themselves as better than others due to their ability. They believe themselves to be the tough guys of the Psy-Humans.


Movers have the ability to move objects and people with their minds. They can move objects as long as they can see it, or if they know for a fact it's there. Movers can easily move a small object, (below 250 pounds), be able to move a medium size object with some struggle, (above 250 pounds but below 800), and move with lots of effort a large size object, (800 to 1350 pounds). Stronger Movers are able to move objects above 1350 pounds, but only for a few moments and then they become exhausted and have trouble moving other objects until they rest.

All Shields can use the Psy-Network.


Movers that are around an Enhancer can easily move medium to large objects with little to no effort, and can move with some effort objects between 1350 - 3000 pounds, and can lift/move objects from 3000-5000 pound objects with a lot of effort.