Negators a a very rare type of Psy-Human. They temporarily stop the use of any Psy-Human abilities in the surrounding area. Negators are one of the only types of Psy-Human not hunted by Hunters. Negators are a Complimentary type of Psy-Human.


Psy-Humans can look like any different race and people. They don't have any features that sets them apart from normal people except that all Psy-Humans have heterochromia, or that is that both of their eyes are different colors.


Enhancers don't have a main personality type, due to their abilities not actively effecting them. Thus they can be of any personality type.


Negators stop the flow of energy in Psy-Humans, causing their abilities to cease until they move out of the range of the Negator. Strong minded Negatorrs can temporarily turn off their ability. Negators can also focus on an individual Psy-Human and they lose access to the Psy-Network.

All Negators can use the Psy-Network.