Never Surrender: Chapter 3Edit

By MattShadow

Malik's POV

"Hurry up Jenny, god, sometimes I swear that you purposely want to get us caught," Again. stated Malik as he and his sister, Jenny, finally passed by the outskirts of Rochester. Jenny paused momentarily, and then sprinted up ahead to reach Malik. She brushed some hair strands down and out of her face, before replying back to him.

"Hey, Mystic was not my fault! I've told you that it was all that double agent Janus's fault! I don't know how he managed to hide the information from me, but he did." Malik didn't blink.

"See, it was your fault." Jenny snorted in retaliation, but didn't continue the argument. They lightly jogged in silence for the next few minutes, seemlessly gliding through the woods with almost masterful expertise. It had already been several hours since they were almost caught by the Hunters earlier back in Toronto, but it still felt like days to Malik. He briefly remembered back to when they were young and before they started running, but quickly turned his mind away as he caught a look at a tear streaming down his younger sister's eyes.

"Don't worry about it Malik."

I'm not, it's just that we need to keep focused on what lies before us, not what lay behind. She nodded as they both came to a halt. Malik then heard a sound that few want to hear, the sound of Jenny Ander's stomach growling. Oh no. We cannot stop anywhere. Malik thought to himself as he cracked his knuckles and refashioned his black hoody jacket over his head.

"Please Malik! I really need to eat something or I might starve!" Malik sighed half-angrily, not phased by her now incessant berating on how he did not feed her properly. When taking care of your younger sister by yourself for years, you learn to drone out the obnoxious voice in your head, and in her case, quite literally.