Transmorphing is the process which Lesser Immortals undergo when changing into their LI forms. Transmorphing takes different times to finish depending on the species.

Transmorphing in Different SpeciesEdit


The Vampire Transmorph takes approximately 1 second.

The Vampire grows fangs and the eye color changes.

The Vampire Transmorph is the fastest of the Transmorphs.


The Werewolf Transmorph takes approximately 8 seconds.

The Werewolf changes into a more wolf like form, taking the appearance of a Humanoid Wolf.

The Werewolf Transmorph is the longest of the Transmorphs.


The Wraith Transmorph takes approximately 3 seconds.

A grey skinned human with sharp, piercing nails and teeth.


The Shapeshifter's transmorph is rather unique, as they are able to transmorph into any intelligent being that they can touch, copying their appearance, and over time memories and powers. Around 1 second for Human, 2 for Psy-Human, 3 for Humanoids, and 5 for Lesser Immortals.