This page is all about Vampires. Vampires are very human like, and have the shortest Transmorph out of all the Lesser Immortals. While Vampires have an aversion to light, they do not die if they come in contact with sunlight. Vampires are the most common Lesser Immortal.


Life ExpectancyEdit

The average Vampire lives around 2000 to 3000 years, however the oldest recorded Vampire was 4353 years old, using the Elixir of Life. Nevertheless, the oldest natural Vampire was 3154 years old.


  • Super-human Speed
  • Heightened Agility
  • Blood-draining, while not needed, does give a heightened strength and agility.


Transmorphing takes around 1 second, giving them a slightly paler complexion, and a set of fangs. Another common trait that is apparent in some,but not all transmorphs, is a change in eye color, generally to black or red.

How to become a VampireEdit

The most common form of turning involves a Vampire biting the neck, though it works anywhere else as well. However some Mortal Humans are immune to this, and are called Immuno-Humans. The only way to turn Immuno-Humans is for them to pour Vampire blood over an open wound into the blood stream.


The Vampires operate similarly to Werewolves, however instead of Clans they have Families. Every Family follows the rules of the Vampire Elders, also known as the Vanthim(Vanthim literally means Head Family).


Every Family of Vampires has a Head of the Family, usually the oldest Vampire, usually the oldest is the most powerful. Each Family listens to the Head's rules and commands. In turn, each of the Heads listen to the Vampire Elders, or Vanthim.


1. Elder; Central

2. Veteran; Single / Head; Family

3. Next; Family

4. Achieved; Single

5. Hunter; Single

6. Regular; Single/Family


The Head of each family commands the rest of them, telling them what to do. The Head of the Family stays the Head until he dies, either by old age or by being killed. Then the next oldest becomes the Head Vampire. However, their is no competition for the position in Families.

The Vanthim commands every Family in the world. Any Family or individual Vampire that disobeys the Vampire Elders is quickly and efficiently put down by the Elders. They lay out the central rules that all Families must follow. The Elders are the five oldest Vampires currently alive. When one of them dies, the next oldest Vampire is quickly appointed the title of Elder.